Remote Participation

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Pilot Program 

On March 6, 2017, the Town Council passed a resolution establishing a pilot program for remote participation by members of Town advisory boards in advisory board meetings.

Parameters of Remote Participation

Only Boards and Commissions shall be included, not the Council.

Boards that are quasi-judicial in nature, specifically the Board of Adjustment and Historic District Commission, shall not be included, except where those Boards are engaging in making recommendations and not hearing quasi-judicial applications.

Participation in voting on Boards and Commissions shall be limited to those situations in which the Boards and Commissions are making recommendations to the Town Council. Where the action being considered is approval or denial of, for example, a minor subdivision by the Planning Commission or a certificate of appropriateness by the Community Design Commission for Ephesus Fordham, a board member attending remotely could participate in the conversation but would not vote on any decision.

Members could fully participate in and vote at meetings in which they participate remotely, but they wold not be counted toward a quorum (i.e., quorum of the Board would need to physically present at the designated site of the meeting).

Board or Commission members could participate remotely in no more that one-third of the meetings they are scheduled to attend.

As Adopted (2017-03-06/R-10)

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