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Council Procedure Manual

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Table of Contents


  1. Meetings
    1. Definitions
      1. Regular
      2. Special
      3. Recessed or Continued
      4. Joint
      5. Emergency
        1. Work Sessions, Informal Meetings, Committee of the Whole
        2. Work Sessions with Advisory Boards and Commissions
      6. Closed Session
      7. Social Gatherings
    2. Agenda of Council Meetings
      1. Preparation of the Agenda
      2. Request for Agenda Items
      3. Items on the Agenda
      4. Adding Items to the Agenda
      5. Order of the Agenda
      6. Removal of Items from the Agenda
      7. Delivery of Agenda and Packet to Council
      8. Distribution to the Public
    3. Meeting Procedures
      1. Presiding Officer
      2. Quorum
      3. Staff Presentation
      4. Discussion
      5. Order of Discussion
      6. Public Participation
      7. Petitions to the Council
      8. Time Limits
      9. Closed Session Procedures
      10. Parliamentary Procedure
    4. Action by the Council
      1. Ordinances
      2. Resolutions
      3. Motions
      4. As to Particular Matters
    5. Voting
      1. Routine
      2. Ordinance
      3. Protest
      4. Abstention
      5. Tie Votes
    6. Public Hearings and Public Forums
      1. Purpose
      2. Required by Law
      3. Notice of Public Hearings
      4. Procedure at Public Hearings
      5. Recess of Public Hearings
      6. Reconvening of Public Hearings
      7. Special Use Hearings
      8. Subdivision Hearings
    7. Record of Council Action
      1. Minutes
      2. Minute Book
      3. Book of Ordinances
      4. Book of Resolutions
      5. Code of Ordinances
  2. Committees
    1. Council Committees
    2. Citizen Task Forces
    3. Committees to which Council Members are Appointed
      1. Triangle J Council of Governments
      2. Firefighters’ Relief Fund
      3. Joint Orange-Chatham Community Action, Inc. (JOCCA)
    4. Council-Appointed Boards and Commissions
      1. Town Boards and Commissions
      2. General Procedures
        1. Annual Report
        2. Orientation to Boards
        3. Participation in Meetings
        4. Reimbursement of Expenses
    5. Council Liaison to Boards and Commissions
    6. Appointment Procedures
      1. Information on Composition of Development Review Advisory Board Membership and Appointment Process
      2. Final Action
      3. Voting
        1. Ballots
        2. Procedure
  3. General Policies and Procedures
    1. Professional Meetings
      1. Attendance
      2. Expenses
      3. Procedure for Making Reservations
      4. Reimbursement
    2. Services and Materials Available to the Council
      1. Supplies
      2. Duplication
      3. Periodicals
      4. Books
      5. Reference Materials
      6. Town Hall
      7. Voice Mail
      8. Email
      9. Computers and High Speed Internet Access
    3. Procedure for Evaluation of Town Manager and Town Attorney
      1. Purpose
      2. Evaluation Goals
      3. Evaluation Schedule
      4. Town Manager and Town Attorney Evaluation Form
    4. Naming Public Facilities
      1. Establishing a Standing Committee on Naming Facilities
      2. General Procedures for Receiving and Considering Proposals to Name or Rename Town Facilities
      3. General Policies for the Naming Committee
      4. Consideration by the Council
      5. Policies for Naming and Renaming Residential Streets
      6. Policies for Dedications and Memorials
    5. Council-Adopted Policies and Procedures
      1. Acceptance of Gifts
      2. Authorization for Manager to Enter into Contracts
      3. Authorization for Manager to Enter into Encroachment Agreements
      4. Authorization for Purchasing Agent to Dispose of Personal Property Valued at Less than Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000)
      5. Use of Public Streets
      6. Selection of Architectural and Engineering Professional Services
        1. Public Policy
        2. Objectives
        3. Scope
        4. Procedures
      7. Student Government Liaison to the Town Council
      8. Establishment of a Percent for Public Art Program for Town Funded Capital Improvement Projects
      9. Defining a Percent for Art Program and the General Policies of the Program
  4. Open Meetings Law of North Carolina


Appendix A
Advisory Boards and Commissions, Ad-hoc Committees and Task Forces (updated semi-annually)

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