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Pop Ups

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Pop up events add vibrancy, variety and interest to Downtown Chapel Hill. As part of the Public Realm initiative of the Downtown Work Plan, the Town is examining pop up event regulations and processes for improvements. Specific steps in this evaluation include:

  1. Collecting all relevant regulations
  2. Exploring ways to streamline consideration and approval of pop up events

Proposed Process

The Town is testing the following process for pop up events which aims to be expedient while promoting safety:

  1. If a business space becomes vacant, the property owner or their agent may submit an application to the Town to certify the space for pop up events.
  2. The Town will review the application and certify the space for potential pop up event uses.
  3. Once a permit is issued for the vacant space, the property owner can allow pop up events.
  4. Pop up event coordinators would submit a brief form to the Town to notify about the pop up event and to confirm that the property owner allows the space.

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Questions or comments about pop up events? Call or email Sarah Poulton at 919-969-5009 or

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