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Resurfacing Projects Fiscal Year 2019

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Streets scheduled to be resurfaced

The Town of Chapel Hill’s annual street resurfacing work is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2019. The purpose of this project is to preserve and enhance the physical and operating conditions of the Town’s roadway system.

The proposed work will include utility adjustments and may include patching, grinding of the asphalt, pedestrian curb cut improvements and replacement of badly deteriorated curb and gutter prior to resurfacing.

During resurfacing we will work to minimize inconveniences, though some parking and access to driveways may be temporarily blocked and motorists should anticipate some minor delays during the work week. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and cooperation during the period of improvement.

Please be aware that contractors working for us are not permitted to solicit or perform “side work,” such as asphalt paving on private property, while engaged in an ongoing project for the Town.  If approached by someone claiming to be affiliated with the Town’s contractor offering driveway paving or other services, please be cautious of a potential scam and report the incident to me immediately at 919-969-5165. 

The Town will publicize a more detailed schedule when it is determined. Equipment failures or weather conditions could extend the time. For more information, contact Greg Ling at 919-969-5165.

Below are streets scheduled for resurfacing in Spring 2019.





Clayton Road

Caswell Street


Gardner Circle

Weyer Drive

Highgrove Drive

Weaver Dairy Road Extension

Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

Homestead Road

Rosemary Street/ Church Street

In front of AC Marriott Hotel


Below are streets tentatively scheduled for reconstruction starting in Summer/ Fall 2018. Street reconstruction involves removal of the existing asphalt surface and sub-base of the road and rebuilding the road from the bottom up.




Friday Center Drive**

Hwy 54


 Hillsborough Street

 Franklin Street  Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard


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