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Weekly Collection Schedule

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From mid-October through mid-February, the Town of Chapel Hill will collect and haul away leaves placed behind the curb in piles in front of residences within Town limits. Please call 919-969-5100 for assistance.

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Monday, February 14, 2020

Collection is temporarily halted to allow crews to perform needed street maintenance. We will begin our seventh and final cycle of the season on February 17th.

Leaf Collection – Weekly Summary

Listed below is leaf collection information on where we are currently working, next week’s projections and those areas collected last week. This page is updated the first workday of each week. As always, weather conditions and major equipment problems may influence our schedule.

Residents are encouraged to monitor our website and hold off on placing loose leaves back of the curb until no more than two weeks prior to the anticipated arrival of the collection crews in your neighborhood. 

Under this program, residents may place loose leaves/pine straw, free of limbs and debris, at the back of the curb for collection. Please place loose leaves behind the curb, not in the street.  Please avoid blocking travel and bike lanes, sidewalks, fire hydrants, mailboxes, storm drains, water meters, and interfering with sight distances at intersections.  

We completed the sixth leaf collection cycle of the season on January 23rd. We will begin our seventh and final cycle on February 17th. We collected 115 loads of leaves in the first collection cycle, 88 loads in the second, 54 loads in the third, 451 loads in the fourth, 264 loads in the fifth, and 63 loads in the sixth. So far this season we have collected a total of 1,035 loads of leaves. Last season we collected a total of 1,114 loads of leaves in five collection cycles.

For weekly curbside collection you may still place your loose leaves in a yard waste roll cart or other rigid container. Yard waste roll carts may be purchased from the Town's Public Works Department. Leaves may also be placed in 30 gallon, 50 pound weight limit, brown paper bags that are available at most hardware stores. We cannot collect leaves in plastic bags.

An alternative to disposal of leaves and yard waste through Town collection programs is backyard composting. Residents may obtain information on home composting by calling the N.C. Botanical Gardens (962-0522), the Agriculture Extension Agent (968-4501), or Orange Community Recycling (968-2788).

This Week

No collection scheduled. We will begin our seventh and final leaf collection cycle of the season on February 17th.

Next Week 

Section I - Homestead Village, Windsor Circle, Ironwoods, Barclay Road, Wesley Drive, Umstead Drive, Greene Street, Longview Street, N. Columbia Street, Church Street, Mitchell Lane, N Graham Street area

Section II - W. Rosemary Street, Cameron Avenue, S. Graham Street, Mallette Street, Wilson Court, Johnson Street, Ransom Street, West University Drive, Westwood Drive, Dogwood Drive, Coolidge Street, Southbridge, Culbreth Park Drive, Cobble Ridge, Southern Village, 100 Oaks, Mallard Court area

Section III - Caswell Road, Granville Road, Burlage Circle, Meadowbrook Drive, Mount Bolus Road, Bolinwood Drive, Mill Race, North Street, Cobb Terrace, Boundary Street, Tenney Circle, Battle Lane, Elizabeth Street, Glendale Drive, Roosevelt Drive, Gimghoul Road, Greenwood Road area

Section IV - Laurel Hill Road, Purefoy Road, Whitehead Circle, Morgan Creek Road, Kings Mill Road, Highland Woods, Finley Forest, Little John Road, Meadowmont area

Last Week

No collection scheduled.

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