Community Arts & Culture

Transit Administration Building

Larry Kirkland
Washington DC


Carrara marble and granite

Transit Administration Building,
Town Operations Center,
Millhouse Road
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Located near the entrance to the Chapel Hill Transit Administration building, Around Town is an engraved marble bench, 49' in length, sited on the sidewalk between the parking lot and the front door. The seat height of the bench will be 4' tall and 5' wide.  Along the length of the bench, the back shifts sides, suggesting that a participant, like a bus passenger, can look out into nature when facing one direction, or to the populated community from the other.  The top of the seat back is a sculpted undulating elevation that references the rolling topography of the surrounding neighborhoods of Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  Across the surface of the marble bench, and wrapping over its top, are engraved images of the community.  Each end of Around Town terminates in two smaller, flat, round granite benches, inspired by the size of a bus tire.  The bench is a place to gather, to be alone at the end of the work day, or to observe the surrounding landscape while waiting safely for a ride home.

In 2008 Around Town was recognized as one of the top 45 public art pieces of 2007 by The Americans For The Arts and The Public Art Network.

Around Town



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