Community Arts & Culture

IFC Mosaic

Sally Erickson
Pittsboro NC


Broken-tile mosaic

Inter-Faith Council at SECU Community House
1315 MLK Jr. Blvd.
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Conceived as an abstract work of three connected murals, artist Sally Erickson's mosaic pictures enlarged faces and hands that belong to humanity and offer a reciprocity of giving and taking, recognizing and not knowing.  On either side of the center panel are symbolic images of neighborhoods, support services, residents entering and leaving - context in which the community unites in a common purpose.

Erickson comments about her work: "I learn with each piece. Inevitably as I am engaged in the creative process something new emerges that I hadn't planned on, something better and more exciting than I originally had in mind. I am both humbled and inspired by this mystery. Each new work represents a celebration of what is most compelling about being alive as an artist and as a human being."

IFC mural 
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