Community Arts & Culture

Homestead Aquatic Center

Ray King
Philadelphia PA

August 12, 2008

Dichroic glass and tinted terrazzo

Aquatic Center at Homestead Park
100 Northern Park Drive
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The Town of Chapel Hill and the Orange County Arts Commission collaborated on a joint public art project for the new Aquatics Center at Homestead Park in Chapel Hill that opened in January of 2009.  The artwork created by artist Ray King, titled Eddies of Light, transforms the floor of the Aquatic Center's main lobby area into a 42' long by 17' wide luminous mosaic promenade of more than 2000 light-responsive, dichroic glass elements embedded into a tinted terrazzo floor.  These shimmering glass jewels create extraordinary interactions refracting light into rainbow-like emanations that shift and change as the viewer moves or as the light source changes.  The light appears to emanate from a source within the ground itself and creates a magical feeling of walking on light.

Please visit the Eddies of Light project details page for more information.

Eddies of Light 600w
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