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Fire House #5

Mike Roig
Carrboro NC


recycled steel and aluminum

Firehouse #5
Bennett Road
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Promethean Honor GuardHumankind's ability to contain and control the power of fire was the creative source for Roig's interpretation of the Chapel Hill Fire Department.  Commissioned shortly after September 11, 2001, the work acknowledges the firefighters as sentries surrounding a fire while permitting its force to live among us.  Promethean Honor Guard captures the inherent tension between the job of constraining the destructive aspects of fire while acknowledging its positive attributes.

This Percent For Art project used funds from the construction of Firehouse #5 to create this dynamic sculpture dedicated to firefighters.  Mike Roig sculpts in recycled materials, primarily steel, and his work is widely collected.  Many local residents are familiar with his fountain at Weaver Street Market in Carrboro.  Torches, bells, wind and water are often features of Mike’s art.  He lives and works in the Heartworks Studio in Carrboro, NC.


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