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Crisis Unit

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The Crisis Unit was established in 1973.  It was one of the earliest examples of law enforcement and social work working together to provide services.  Over the years, the scope and size of the unit has expanded.  There are four full-time and several contract crisis counselors who respond to emergency situations, most referred by Chapel Hill police officers.  The types of calls to which they respond include:

  • Psychiatric emergencies and suicide attempts
  • Crime victims
  • Family violence and child abuse
  • Sexual assault, indecent exposure, peeping tom
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Traumatic events such as a death of a family member, missing child or residential fire

The crisis unit also provides follow-up and case management services.  This may involve assistance with court proceedings, safety planning, and referrals for counseling or other services.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Response Teams:  The Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Specialist manages the teams of specially trained officers who provide comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Community Outreach:  Crisis Unit staff provide information and education to community groups in the areas of mental health, conflict resolution, and safety issues.  They also train human service and law enforcement professionals in critical incident response, defusing conflict, and response to victims.  Members of the unit provide debriefing for emergency responders following critical incidents.  They have done this counseling for emergency personnel around the State, as well as for police officers in New York City following September 11, 2001 .

To speak with a crisis counselor, please call 919-968-2806.

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