Project Safe Neighborhood

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Orange County will be the eighth site to partner in the Middle District of North Carolina, U.S. Department of Justice Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) initiative. The PSN national network is designed to reduce gun and gang related violence through prosecution, prevention, and intervention efforts. It is headed by the United States Attorney's Office of the Middle District of NC.

  • Project Safe Neighborhoods strives to improve quality of life in communities and prevent and stop violent crimes that involve illegal firearms and gang activity. With partnerships on the local, state and federal levels, the program targets identified offenders and offers support to help them be productive members of their community.

  • Preparation for kicking off a Project Safe Neighborhoods site includes data collection, studies of community programs, and coordination between agencies. The faith, law enforcement, resident, school, agency, and community members are brought into the strategy to relay strict no-tolerance-of-crime messages, and to offer supportive opportunities to targeted individuals to encourage them and help them lead productive lives.

  • Orange County is one of 24 counties that make up the Middle District of North Carolina. Its participation in PSN will solidify the initiative’s presence as one of seven Middle District counties that include eight Project Safe Neighborhoods sites.

For more information about Project Safe Neighborhood, please contact Capt. Andrew Smith at 919-932-2997 or email at

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