Business Alert Network

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The Business Alert Network is an effective way for merchants to work cooperatively to reduce crime in our community. BAN is designed to encourage the exchange of information between business owners and the Chapel Hill Police Department; much like a neighborhood watch group does in a residential setting. With your support, we hope to provide you and your employees with the following:

  • Training opportunities to learn how to reduce losses from robbery, larceny, fraud, shoplifting, counterfeiting, and internal theft
  • Increased awareness of criminal laws affecting the protection of your business
  • Empowerment to actively participate in crime prevention efforts and programs, in the workplace and at home
  • Increased communication between the business community and the Chapel Hill Police Department, including information on crime trends affecting the business community
  • Security surveys to examine strategies for improving the safety and security of your business
  • Business Alert Network window sticker for your business

We look forward to establishing relationships with you and your employees. If you would like your business to become a member of BAN, please contact the Community Services Unit of the Chapel Hill Police Department at 919-932-2929, or e-mail at

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