Rogers Road Small Area Plan

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At its November 11, 2002 Council meeting, the Council adopted a resolution endorsing a concept plan for the portion of the Greene Tract in joint ownership with Carrboro and Orange County. The resolution established that 85.9 acres would be set aside for open space protected by conservation easements and 18.1 acres for affordable housing.

The resolution also stated that Chapel Hill would initiate a process to develop a Small Area Plan for the residential area west of the Green Tract (Rogers Road, Purefoy Road area), including the affordable housing site on the Greene Tract. Specifically, the plan was to include a more detailed look at the impacts of providing public services in the area, especially the extension of sanitary sewer, and the impacts of developing an affordable housing site.

The Rogers Road Small Area Plan Task Force is charged with creating that plan which will include an analysis of the following topics:

  • Desirable Land Uses and Revision to the Land Use Plan Water and Sewer Extension Plan
  • Roadway Network
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan
  • Transit Service Plan
  • Zoning Ordinance and Map Amendment

Development of the Rogers Road Small Area Plan began in December 2006. A Small Area Plan is a detailed, long-range plan that focuses on a particular location, setting out to address the specific needs of that location. Small Area Plans are intended to provide a vision and guidelines for the future development of the subject area.

The proposed study area for the Rogers Road Small Area Plan includes the Greene Tract (please see the map below). The Greene Tract is jointly owned by Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Orange County. In 2002 the Chapel Hill Town Council adopted a concept plan for the Greene Tract which stipulated that 18.1 acres of the Greene Tract would be set aside for affordable housing and 85.9 acres for open space.


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