523 E Franklin St

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523 E Franklin St

The Town has received a Concept Plan Application from Weinstein Friedlein Architects to change the use and renovate the an existing building with brick terraces and an asphalt parking lot on .94 acres at 523 E. Franklin St., the former Chapel Hill Library. The application does not propose to change the footprint of the building or add impervious surfaces. The application includes the following:

  • Change of use
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Accessibility Improvements

Property Location: 523 E. Franklin St. on the Northwest corner of E Franklin St. and Boundary St. 

Property ID's: Orange County PINs 9788-68-1663, 9788-68-1772

Proposed Floor Area: No change proposed. 

Zoning-existing: Residential - 2 (R-2)

Zoning-proposed*: Office / Institutional - 1 (OI-1) 

Review Schedule 

 Event      Date      Location and Time 
 Application Submitted      9-15-14   NA 
 Historic District Commission Review  10-14-14  6:30pm at Town Hall, Council Chamber 

Concept Plan Review 4-28-11


*This Concept Plan Application does not meet the threshold for Town Council Review and will not be reviewed by the Town Council. The Town Council will review and take action on any future Rezoning Application submitted for this project.  

Meeting dates are subject to change, please confirm that this item is on the agenda of the meeting you are planning on attending. The Town Council's agenda can be confirmed on the Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Videos page and Advisory Board agendas can be confirmed on the Advisory Board Agendas & Minutes page. Agendas are typically posted the Friday before the meeting.

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