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Form District Permit and Certificate of Appropriateness Application

Status: This project is nearing completion. The Town Manager has approved a second Minor Modification to the Form District Permit on April 12, 2017.Click here to view the approved permit and plans

On August 14, the Town received a Form District Permit (FDP) and Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Application from David Zapponi of Federal Realty Investment Trust to redevelop the existing Eastgate BP service station into a one story, multi-tenant retail building. The project will include streetscape, sidewalk, and stormwater improvements for the building and associated parking spaces. This project will include dedication of construction easements* by the applicant to the State to provide additional room for Town and State sponsored improvements to the intersection of Ephesus Church Rd./ Eastgate Shopping Center Rd. and Fordham Blvd.


North / West building elevation, as seen from across Eastgate Shopping Center Rd (revised 10-5-15)


Property Location: 1490 Fordham Blvd. Southwest corner of Fordham Blvd. and Eastgate Shopping Center Rd.

Project #: 15-076

About the Property: The site is within the Ephesus/Fordham Form District and has a "Type A" frontage along Eastgate Shopping Center Rd. and 75 feet of "Type A" frontage along Fordham Blvd., measured from the northeast corner of the property. The remainder of the frontage along Fordham Blvd has a "No Frontage" designation. The "Type A" frontage allows buildings to be brought up to the sidewalk and street and is intended to create a pedestrian-friendly environment. 

Fordham Blvd. Service Road:  This project will include the closure of the existing service road to the west of Fordham Blvd.  between the southern entrance to Eastgate Shopping Center to its intersection with Eastgate Shopping Center Rd. The image below shows the proposed roadway to be closed. The North Carolina Department of Transportation will still control the rights-of-way in this location. The applicant is proposing to preserve a portion of the closed roadway for use by the Town as part of a future bike and pedestrian network in the Ephesus/Fordham District. 

Service Rd

Proposed Floor Area: 7,761 square feet

Proposed Parking: 10 spaces

Zoning: Walkable Mixed Use -- 7 (WX-7)

Second Minor Modification to Approved Plans 4-12-17

Minor Modification to Approved Plans 11-3-16

Approved Plans 1-26-16

Form District Permit Submittal 11-25-15

Form District Permit Submittal 10-23-15 (Minor changes from 10-5-15 submittal)

Form District Permit and Certificate of Appropriateness Application Submittal 10-5-15

Form District Permit and Certificate of Appropriateness Application Submittal 8-14-15

 Form District Review Schedule

  • Application Submitted: 8-14-15
  • Application Resubmitted: 10-5-15 and 10-23-15
  • Application Accepted as Complete: 10-26-15
  • Community Design Commission Courtesy Review: Tuesday, 8-25-15 6:30pm
  • Community Design Commission (CDC) Meeting: Tuesday, 10-27-15 6:30pm
  • Certificate of Appropriateness Approved: Tuesday, 10-27-15
  • Staff Review Deadline**: 2-15-16
  • Permit Approved: 1-26-16
  • Minor Modification Request Submitted 6-23-16
  • Minor Modification to Form District Permit Approved 11-3-16
  • Minor Modification Request Submitted 4-6-17
  • Minor Modification to Form District Permit Approved 4-12-17
  • Community Design Commission Review of Minor Modification to Certificate of Appropriateness: Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Staff Form District Review Schedule

More Information about the Ephesus-Fordham Form District

*Previously, this section read additional right-of-way.The applicant has dedicated a construction easement for the Ephesus Church / Fordham intersection project. Additional right-of-way was not required on this side of the intersection.

**The decision, or final action, deadline is 45 calendar days after the acceptance of a complete application or 15 calendar days after the Community Design Commission approves a Certificate of Appropriateness, whichever is later. The applicant may grant the Town additional time to extend the final action deadline.

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