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The Town has received a Concept Plan application from 16 Parkside Lane, LLC for a new two-story commercial and office building. The proposed site is currently undeveloped and is a part of the Approved Meadowmont Master Land Use Plan.

Property Location: 5002 Barbee Chapel Rd. at the Southwest corner of NC-54 and Barbee Chapel Rd.

Proposed Floor Area: 19,200 sq. ft. of commercial and office space. 56 parking spaces.

Zoning: Residential - 5 - Conditional (R-5-C), Property is within the boundaries of the Meadowmont Master Land Use Plan.

Concept Plan Application Submittal  8-18-14

Review Schedule

  • Application Submitted: 8-18-14
  • Community Design Commission Review Meeting: Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 6:30 pm
  • Town Council Review Meeting: Monday, October 20, 2014 at 7:00 pm

About Concept Plan Review: Concept Plans are non-binding proposals submitted by applicants for review by the Community Design Commission (CDC) and the Town Council. The CDC and Town Council will review the concept at a public meeting and provide comments to the applicant. The public is invited to provide their comments at both meetings. Concept Plans are the first step in the development review process. Once the applicant completes Concept Plan Review, they will put together a more detailed formal development application for review by Town Staff, Advisory Boards, and the Town Council.

Note: Meeting dates are subject to change, please confirm that this item is on the agenda of the meeting you are planning on attending. The Town Council's agenda can be confirmed on the Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Videos page and Advisory Board agendas can be confirmed on the Advisory Board Agendas & Minutes page. Agendas are typically posted the Friday before the meeting.

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