Burch Kove (formerly Homestead Twin Towns)

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Residential Development

Homestead Twin Towns, a Planned Unit Development - Housing (PD-H) (later renamed Burch Kove) was approved by the Town Council in 2007 and is currently under construction. Please see below for additional information:

Property Location: 120 Lena Circle;  19.5 acres at Southwest Corner of Homestead Road and Seawell School Road.  

Property ID's: Orange County PIN 9870-70-0904

Proposed Dwelling Units: 72 Duplex units

Zoning-Previous:  Residential - 1 (R -1) , Residential - 2 (R-2)

Zoning-existing: Residential - 4 - Conditional (R-4-C)

Review Schedule 

 Event     Date Location and Time 
Application Submitted 2-20-2006 

Approved by Council 5-21-2007


Application Materials (most recent revision)

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