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Attention: This page only contains information for major development projects, such as commercial or multi-family projects. For information about single-family dwellings, two-family dwellings, or other small projects, visit the Residential Permits page or Subpermits page.


Do I Need a Commercial Building Permit?

The Commercial Building Permit Application and project-specific supplementary documents are required for all non-residential construction work, regardless of cost.

You need a Commercial Building Permit for the following purposes:

  1. All commercial construction work 
  2. Any non-residential construction
  3. Any multifamily residential construction (building has more than 2 units)

See Commercial Work Requiring a Permit for additional information.

Many commercial building applicants meet with Development Services staff before submitting their application. Contact Development Services to find out about setting up a meeting.



Application Forms

All applications require the following documents:

Applications will likely also require additional documents depending on the scope of work. Download the checklist below to find out what other forms you may need:


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