SECU Charterwood Branch

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Concept Plan Application


Applicant Name: George J. Retschle, Ballentine Associates

Project Address: 1621 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

Project Number: 17-095

Orange County PINS: 9880-24-7453

Description:  Application proposes a new bank branch building, separate drive-thru ATM, driveway extension and new parking.
The historical structure known as the Altemueller farmhouse will remain in tact and be preserved.


Review Schedule
Event *Date Location and Time
Application Submitted  9-26-17 NA
Community Design Commission Review 10-24-17 6:30pm at Town Hall, Council Chamber
Council Concept Plan Review 1-24-18 7:00pm at Town Hall, Council Chamber


Concept Plan Review 09-26-17

Concept Plan Application

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