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Obey Meadows

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Concept Plan

Applicant Name: Wendi Ramsden, Coulter Jewell Thames, PA

Project Address: 1641 US 15-501 S

Project Number: 18-053

Orange County PIN: 9777-90-4196, 9777-80-9681, 9777-80-9133, 9776-99-1927

Description: Subdivision of 4 existing lots into 11 residential lots/ 12 homes with an access road


Review Schedule
Event *Date Location and Time
Application Submitted 5-23-2018   NA

Community Design Commission Review (POSTPONED)

6-26-2018 6:30 pm, Town Hall, Council Chambers
Community Design Commission Review 9-25-2018 6:30 pm, Town Hall, Council Chambers

Council Concept Plan Review

10-17-2018 7:00 pm, Town Hall, Council Chambers


Council Questions


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