Hanover (1010 Weaver Dairy Rd.)

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Concept Plan

Concept Plan Application


Applicant Name: Coulter Jewell Thames, PA/Dan Jewell

Project Address: 1010 Weaver Dairy Rd

Project Number: 17-111

Orange County PINS: 9880-36-8182, 9880-46-1182, 9880-36-8223, 9880-36-5077, 9880-36-6911, and 9880-36-7889

Description: The application proposes a mixed-use development with approximately 380,000 sq. ft. of floor area including multi-family, office, and retail uses.


Review Schedule
Event *Date Location and Time
 Application Submitted 11-27-17  NA
Application Resubmittal 12-06-17 NA
Community Design Commission Review 12-18-17  6:30 pm, Town Hall, Council Chambers

Council Concept Plan Review

1-24-18  7:00 pm, Town Hall, Council Chambers


Concept Plan Review 12-18-2017

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