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Eastowne Master Plan and Redevelopment Phase 1

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Office Development

Eastowne Master Plan  

January 16, 2019 at 7:00 pm (Council Chambers) Council memorandum

Responses to Council questions

Special Use Permit Modification and Zoning Atlas Amendment Applications


September 19th at 7:00 pm (Council Chambers) - Council Meeting (memorandum to be posted)

Town Manager's email to Council with Draft Memorandum and attachments (9/1/2018)

Revised Site Plan Dated 08.31.2018
Revised Site Plan


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Upcoming Public Meetings

August 21st at 6:00pm (Council Chambers) - Planning Commission Special Meeting - Recommendations

August 22nd at 6:00pm (Chapel Hill Library) - Open House

August 22nd at 7:30pm (Chapel Hill Library) - Community Design Commission Special Meeting - Recommendations

August 28th at 7:30pm (Town Hall, 1st Floor Conference Room) - Transportation and Connectivity Advisory Board Meeting -Recommendations

Please see below for more information: 

Eastowne SUP Medical Office Building Responses to Town Council

Eastowne SUP Medical Office Building Responses to Citizen Questions

Revised Eastowne Traffic Impact Study





Applicant Name: William H. Derks, McAdams on behalf of UNC Health Care

Project Address:  100 & 600 Eastowne Drive

Project Number:  18-001, 18-028, 18-029

Orange County PINS: 9890-80-0195 & 9890-80-0643

Description:  The proposed phase 1 redevelopment of this site would bring medical office use to this site immediately adjacent to 15-501 at the I-40 interchange. The Special Use Permit Modification proposes to demolish four office buildings and replace them with one six-story office building including 153,000 square feet of office space and a 5 ½ story parking deck with 580 parking spaces.  

Review Schedule
3-5-2018 Community Design Commission
Event *Date Location and Time
Application Submitted 12-29-2017 NA
Community Design Commission 1-23-2018  6:30pm, Town Hall - Council Chamber 
Town Council  1-31-2018  7:00pm, Town Hall - Council Chamber 
Special Use Permit Application  NA  
Zoning Atlas Amendment App.  3-5-2018  NA
Public Information Meeting  3-22-2018  5:15pm, Town Hall, Room #344
 04-24-2018  6:30 pm, Town Hall - Council Chamber  
Transportation and Connectivity Board  04.24-2018  7:00 pm Town Hall, 1st floor conference room
 Community Design Commission  05-07-2018  7:00 pm Town Hall, 1st floor conference room
Environmental Stewardship Advisory Board  05-08-2018  7:00 pm Town Hall, 2nd floor training room
Planning Commission  05-15-2018  7:00 pm Town Hall - Council Chamber
Public Hearing  05-23-2018  7:00 pm Town Hall - Council Chamber
Business Meeting (Deferred)  06-27-2018  6:00 pm Town Hall - Council Chamber
Business Meeting*  09-18-2018  7:00 pm Town Hall - Council Chamber
 Approved  09-19-2018  

 * tentative date

Revised Site Plan 06-13-2018 

Revised Traffic Impact Assessment 06-07-2018

Special Use Permit Application 3-5-2018  (#18-028)

Zoning Atlas Amendment Application 3-5-2018  (#18-029)

Concept Plan Application 12-29-2017 (#18-001)


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