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 2019-04-23 Concept Plans 

Applicant Name: Advanced Civil Design

Project Address: 2214 & 2312 Homestead Rd.

Project Number:  19-046

Orange County PIN: 9870914489 & 9870919528

Description: Capkov Ventures is proposing to modify the existing and active Special Use Permit for the Bridgepoint site located adjacent to the Town-owned property on the north side of Homestead Road. The site is roughly nine acres and 54 townhomes, to replace up to 32 townhomes and 27,400 square feet of commercial space are proposed. The commercial space has proven unsustainable and the additional town homes will serve a tremendously underserved need. The current zoning of R-5-C has been proposed to remain the same. The original site plan was approved by Special Use Permit in May of 2010. The site is immediately to the east of the Town owned property. The development of the Bridgepoint site provides a unique opportunity for the Owner of the Bridgepoint site to collaborate with the Town of Chapel Hill to create better communities on both properties at a lower cost for each. By working together on a wide range of site development issues both the Town and Bridgepoint will benefit.

Review Schedule
Event Date Location and Time
Application Submitted 4-25-2019   NA
Community Design Commission 5-28-2019 6:30 pm, Town Hall, Council Chambers

Concept Plan Application 

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