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1200 MLK

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Concept Plan Application

A Concept Plan is a preliminary step toward the preparation of a formal development plan. The Chapel Hill Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO) requires concept plan review prior to application submittal for a Special Use Permit, Major Land Use Plan, Major Subdivision, Conditional Rezoning, or Site Plan for development meeting minimum size thresholds.


Applicant Name: Jeremy Anderson, RLA / Coulter Jewell Thames, PA

Project Address: 1200, 1204 and 1208 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Project Number: 18-123

Orange County PIN:  9789297279 & 9789392409

Description: The ‘1200 MLK’ project is the redevelopment of the existing Tar Heel Mobile Home Park and non-operational Marathon Service Station, on the east side of Martin Luther King Boulevard, across from the intersection with Northfield Drive. The project is proposing to modernize the service station, add a new self-storage building, and preserve or reposition most all of the existing mobile home residential units. The developer understands the significance that the existing affordable housing plays in the Towns variety of housing options, thus retaining as many of the existing units, while redeveloping a portion of the site, is important. 


Review Schedule
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Application Submitted

11-27-2018 NA

Community Design Commission Review

This meeting was postponed to 12-19
due to 
adverse weather.

12-10-2018 6:30 pm, Town Hall, Council Chambers

Housing Advisory Board Review

This meeting was postponed to 1-08 
due to 
adverse weather.

12-11-2018 6:30 pm, Town Hall, First Floor Conf. Rm.

Community Design Commission Review

12-19-2018 6:30 pm, Town Hall, Council Chambers

Housing Advisory Board Review

1-08-2019 6:30 pm, Town Hall, First Floor Conf. Rm.

Council Concept Plan Review

1-16-2019 7:00 pm, Town Hall, Council Chambers

Response to Council Questions 02-13-2019

Concept Plan Application  11-27-2018


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