Fordham Boulevard Sidepath Project

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An asphalt multi-modal path (pedestrian and bicycle use) currently connects Cleland Drive and Ridgefield Drive along the east side of Fordham Boulevard. This project would improve the existing path and extend it to Willow Drive. As currently envisioned the project expansion would be entirely within the NCDOT right of way. The path would be built to national and State standards for a multi-modal path.

A public meeting was held on August 22, 2018. Information related to the meeting can be found below.


 EB-5721_Public_Meeting_Map (2018-06-07)_Page_2

                                                                    Map Showing Project Limits of Proposed New Construction as of September 2018

 EB-5721_Public_Meeting_Map (2018-06-07)_pg 1 only

                                                                   Map Showing Project Limits of Existing Path as of September 2018




Public Engagement

Letter to Neighborhood March 2018

Letter Concerning August 22, 2018 Public Meeting

Minutes from the August 22, 2018 Public Meeting

Town Staff Response to Questions and Comments Received at the August 22, 2018 Public Meeting

Communication from Little Ridgefield Neighborhood Requesting that the Project not Move Forward

Technical Plans and Documents

Report on Status of the Existing Portion of the Sidepath

30% Plans (September 2018)


Linkage to Comprehensive Plan

Mobility and Connectivity Plan


 Contact Information

Bill Webster, Project Manager

(919) 968-2819



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