Fordham Boulevard Sidepath Project

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The Town plans on building a network of multi-modal sidepaths (pedestrian and bicycle use) along both side of Fordham Boulevard. Much of the system is already in place through development requirements within the Blue Hill District. This project would provide one segment of that overall network.

An asphalt multi-modal path currently connects Cleland Drive and Ridgefield Drive along the east side of Fordham Boulevard. This project would improve the existing path and extend pedestrian and bicycle facilities to Willow Drive. The path would be built to national and State standards for a multi-modal path.  


The Town will hold a public meeting in the Chapel Hill Community Center on September 18, 2019. The Meeting will be held at 7:00 pm. The main purposes of the meeting will be to:

  • Review the project and process
  • Introduce four concepts
  • Solicit public comment and answer questions
  • Discuss next steps

 Public Meeting Agenda

 Draft Options for Trail Development. Note that the proposed reconstruction of the existing section from Cleland Drive to Ridgefield Drive are essentially the same in all four options. We suggest that interested parties concentrate their review on page two of each option. Page two shows how each option would extend the path to Willow Drive.

Option 1 - Path along Fordham Blvd, closest to private properties

Option 2 - Path along Fordham Blvd with path moving close to Fordham Blvd. at street crossings

Option 3 - No path except short section on Rogerson Road. Pedestrians and bicyclists use the existing street network. (No sidewalks)

Option 4 - No path except short section on Rogerson Road. Bicyclists use the existing street network. Pedestrians use a new sidewalk. No parking on one side of the street.




Public meetings were held on: August 22, 2018 and January 4, 2019. Information related to the meetings and other communications can be found below.

Letter Concerning August 22, 2018 Public Meeting

Minutes from the August 22, 2018 Public Meeting

Town Staff Response to Questions and Comments Received at the August 22, 2018 Public Meeting

Communication from Little Ridgefield Neighborhood Requesting that the Project not Move Forward (September 2018)

Staff Response to Little Ridgefield Neighborhood Communication (November 2018)

Follow Up Communication from Little Ridgefield Neighborhood to Mayor Following Town's November Response

Staff Response to Issues Raised at the January 4, 2019 Public Meeting


Technical Plans and Documents

Report on Status of the Existing Portion of the Sidepath

30% Plans (September 2018)


Linkage to Comprehensive Plan

Mobility and Connectivity Plan


 Contact Information

Bill Webster, Project Manager

(919) 968-2819



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