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Community Connections

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CC Strategy Cover PageThe Town of Chapel Hill has a long-standing commitment to community engagement and partnership. Over the years, there have been initiatives, programs, and services designed to connect with residents and provide opportunities for engagement with Town government. 

In 2016, the Town Council established Council Goals focused on engagement and inclusion and put resources towards community engagement programs and services. 

In 2018, the Town formed the Community Connections division of Housing and Community to further strengthen connections in the community and engage residents in town processes. 

Our Community Connections Goals are to:

Adopt and sustain a culture and practice of meaningful civic engagement and community partnership to achieve outcomes that reflect our community's concerns, aspirations, and values.

Focus on engaging those who have been historically disengaged or disconnected from the Town, with an emphasis on the most impacted and historically marginalized populations.

We aim to:

  • Increase the diversity of individuals engaged in Town processes and programs to fully reflect the composition of the entire community, with a

    Community Connections Strategy, updated November 2019

    particular focus on engaging populations that have been historically disengaged or disconnected from the Town.
  • Deepen the Town’s connections and engagement with organizations, groups, and populations that historically have been disengaged or disconnected from Town government.

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Our current areas of focus include:  

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