Chapel Hill Works

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A photo documentary project of Town of Chapel Hill Employees

Project Description

The Chapel Hill Works (CHW) project seeks to document and celebrate the efforts of the people who maintain the town’s infrastructure and deliver the public services that make Chapel Hill a good place to live. The CHW project is being led by Michael Schwalbe, documentary photographer and professor of sociology at North Carolina State University, in cooperation with the Town of Chapel Hill. Beginning in 2015, Michael Schwalbe will photograph and interview town and county employees who wish to participate, with the aim of including people in every division and unit that serves Chapel Hill. The purposes of the project are to create a visual record of public service workers and what they do, and to enhance understanding of and appreciation for the maintenance and service work necessary for communities to thrive. Photographs and recordings from the project will be exhibited on the Web and in Chapel Hill, Orange County, and other North Carolina venues. Questions, comments, and suggestions about the CHW project can be directed to Michael Schwalbe (, or 919-929-4003), Sarah Wagner (, or 919-969-2022), or Rae Buckley (, or 919-969-5007).

Sheila NevilleSteve OlivaTiffanie TappTony CombsTravis ParkerYadira ConyersJoe McMillerKarin MichelMartha Waters

Photographs by Michael Schwalbe

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