Downtown Imagined

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The Chapel Hill community, the Town of Chapel Hill, and the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership are working together to develop a master plan for downtown Chapel Hill.

Downtown Imagined was an extension of the Rosemary Imagined process and built upon the work and input from Rosemary Imagined (which focused on developing a vision and plan for Rosemary Street) and was expanded to include all of downtown, including Franklin Street.

The Downtown Imagined planning process took place between June-October of 2014. As of late October 2014, the Downtown Master Planning process has now entered the next phase (Analysis). For more information about the current process, click here.

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Downtown Imagined was:

  • A community planning process that will imagine and envision Downtown Chapel Hill of the future and will develop a plan to reach these visions.
  • Building upon the community work of Rosemary Imagined which is an innovative planning initiative that will refine our thinking of how Rosemary Street fits into the development and growth of downtown Chapel Hill.
  • Focused on developing a vision for the future of the downtown that emphasizes the Town’s focus on connections, choices, and community.


Draft Downtown Vision and Implementation Plan

A draft Downtown Vision and Implementation Plan has been developed for downtown Chapel Hill based upon conversations and feedback from the community! Please take a look at the plan and let us know what you think!


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