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07/11/2012 Chapel Hill is considering restrictions on bed-and-breakfasts

07/11/2012 Perry to submit revised Obey Creek Plan

07/11/2012 New economic development director could be on board by September

07/07/2012 Hitting The Pause Button

06/28/2012 Council Votes to Approve CH 2020

06/28/2012 Projects finalized in Town Council’s last Meeting

06/27/2012 Town approves comprehensive plan

06/26/2012 CHTC Adopts Comprehensive Plan

06/24/2012 Town Council talks budget, Comprehensive Plan, Charterwood and More

06/21/2012 Not ready to cheer 2020

06/20/2012 City or town? Chapel Hill’s 2020 plan?

06/18/2012 One More Public Info. On CH 2020

6/11/2012 CH wants input on Greenways, Parks & Rec

06/10/2012 Master plan focus of public workshop

05/29/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 offers a broad vision for the future

05/24/2012 Residents praise, criticize 2020 draft

05/22/2012 2020 plan ready to move forward 

05/22/2012 Positive Feedback On 2020 Process, But Some Question The Result

05/17/2012 Funding for Chapel Hill 2020 is uncertain

05/05/2012 CH 2020 Reaches Endgame

04/26/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 Releases New Draft Of Comprehensive Plan

04/26/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 releases new draft plan and thanks

04/19/2012 CH2020 process concerns expressed

04/18/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 Info Session Bogged Down By Logistics

04/18/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 plan progresses, but feedback is muddled

04/09/2012 New Chapel Hill 2020 draft plan released

04/09/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 too important to rush

03/22/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 15-501 Corridor Discussion Group Holds First Meeting

03/21/2012 CH 2020 Examines the Shape of Town's Future(s)

03/20/2012 Foy-Chaired Group To Talk Obey Creek (and More) for CH 2020

03/20/2012 Former Chapel Hill Mayor To Lead New US 15-501 Work Group

03/20/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 Tries To Match Goals to "Fiscal Reality"

03/14/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 Releases Town Survey Results

03/02/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 Tavern Talk - Jack Sprat

03/01/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 Holds Two More Tavern Talks Thursday

02/24/2012 Another Week, Another Round of "Chapel Hill 2020"

02/16/2012 Tavern Talks Contine on West Franklin Street

02/13/2012 Stancil Focuses on Budget Priorities for 2020 Process

02/12/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 To Focus on Local Waterways Saturday

02/10/2012 Transportation Focus of Next Chapel Hill 2020 Meeting

02/09/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 Leaders Deliver Status Report

02/09/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 To Hold Public Safety Presentation

02/09/2012 Chamber outlines state of Orange economy

02/07/2012 Town Leaders Discuss Annexation, Rezoning As Part of 2020 Process

02/06/2012 Tuesday, Another Chance to Join "Chapel Hill 2020"

01/30/2012 Local Leaders Talk Housing, Business Development For Chapel Hill 2020

01/30/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 Toasts To "Tavern Talks" Next Week

01/23/2012 Don't rush 2020 plan

01/23/2012 Chapel Hill planners seek student input on Chapel Hill 2020

01/23/2012 Residents petition for Chapel Hill 2020 extension

01/19/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 seeks student involvement

01/13/2012 Chapel Hill 2020 Takes Next Steps

01/04/2012 UNC Health Care Teams With Chapel Hill 2020 For Event

12/27/2011 Town wants plan to include all

12/16/2011 "Messy, But A Good Start" For Chapel Hill 2020

12/15/2011 Chapel Hill 2020 To Hold Discussion Meeting

12/07/2011 2020 to guide budget

12/02/2011 Chapel Hill's tightened budget to impact 2020 plans

11/21/2011 APA President To Give Chapel Hill 2020 Presentation

11/26/2011 Demographics Affect Planning

11/19/2011 Residents Talk Schools, Planning Process at Chapel Hill 2020 Meeting

11/15/2011 Chapel Hill 2020 encourages citizen participation in drafting plan

11/09/2011 Is it a vision or an illusion?

11/07/2011 2020 to guide budget

11/07/2011 Try a different path

11/01/2011 Chapel Hill 2020 outlines projects for six theme groups

10/26/2011 Help Guide Future

10/24/2011 Chapel Hill 2020 Forges Ahead, with Six Themes

10/22/2011 Celebration Today Marks Library's Move to Temporary Quarters

10/20/2011 Chapel Hill 2020 reports out from theme meeting

10/19/2011 Vision Lacking in Focus

10/18/2011 Chapel Hill 2020's Open House Welcomes New Library, Requests Feedback

10/16/2011 Ribbon Cutting and 2020 Open House To Be Held

10/07/2011 Old favorites join forces for Chapel Hill 2020

10/06/2011 With "A Lot Of Consensus," Chapel Hill 2020 Moves Ahead

10/06/2011 Public Safety New Focus for Chapel Hill 20/20 Comprehensive Plan

10/04/2011 Students Being Recruited To Intern for Chapel Hill 2020 Plan

10/04/2011 Event Thursday Will Help Decide Future of Chapel Hill

09/20/2011 Measuring Public Service Provision in Chapel Hill's Comprehensive Planning Process

09/20/2011 Council Discusses Comprehensive Plan Update

09/15/2011 With "Chapel Hill 2020," Town Seeks Public Input for Community Planning

09/15/2011 Chapel Hill 2020 Seeks Community Input for Guide to Town Growth

09/15/2011 Chapel Hill Town Council to Reconvene, Discuss Comprehensive Plan

09/13/2011 Chapel Hill Staff Wants Your Input for New Comprehensive Plan

09/07/2011 Chapel Hill Comprehensive Plan for 2020 Kick-off Sept. 27

08/25/2011 Chapel Hill 2020 Kicks Off Sept. 27

08/21/2011 Our Time to Plan

08/16/2011 Chapel Hill 2020: Our Town, Our Vision

06/07/2011 Council Meeting Summary

05/03/2011 Council Seeks Stakeholders for New Comprehensive Plan

04/08/2011 Council Seeks Residents for Comprehensive Plan's Initiating Committee

04/05/2011 Chapel Hill Seeks "Stakeholders" To Develop Comprehensive Plan

Chapel Hill 2020: Our Town. Our Vision.

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