Strategically invest in Downtown

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Council Goal

Strategically invest in Downtown to attract and engage residents, students, visitors, workers, investors and businesses 

Goal Champion

Sarah Poulton, Downtown Special Project Manager,

Rae Buckley, Director, Organizational and Strategic Initiatives,


  • On June 20, 2016, the Town Council approved the Downtown Work Plan for FY16 and FY17 that commits staff time and resources towards transforming ideas into action through specific land use planning and infrastructure improvements. 
  • The Downtown Work Plan was informed by the Downtown 2020 Strategy, a summary of ideas and priorities for a more diverse downtown that engages residents, students, visitors and workers day to day. The priorities in the strategy guide town government and partners in creating real change by the year 2020. 
  • This effort is supported by the Town Manager's Office for FY16 and FY17 to establish coordination and collaboration among Town departments that work in Downtown. 

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