Seek strategies to address student housing demand

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Council Goal

Seek strategies to address student housing demand that are consistent with mutual goals for connectivity, mobility and parking goals that prioritize student safety and protect neighborhoods

Goal Champion

Loryn Clark, Housing and Community Executive Director 


  • Good Neighbor Initiative
  • Downtown Master Plan
  • Northside Neighborhood Initiative
  • Northside and Pine Knolls Community Plan

Current Status

  • Continuing joint efforts around enforcement, including collaboration with UNC and several Town departments to address parking, noise, trash and other violations in neighborhoods with concentrations of student renters. 

  • Continuing to work with potential applicants, especially those developing in the Northside and Pine Knolls neighborhoods, to inform them of Council policies and expectations and community interests.

  • Continuing our education and outreach campaign to students living off campus in Northside, Pine Knolls, and other neighborhoods.  

  •  Good Neighbor Initiative - The Good Neighbor Initiative is a partnership between the Town, the University, and community organizations to provide students, who are living in neighborhoods surrounding downtown and campus, with information about being a good neighbor and living with permanent residents.
  • Off-Campus Student Life Webpage - A Town webpage has been created to provide students with information about living off-campus, including the regulations and helpful contact information. The webpage is available here.
  • Tar Heel Citizen Times - The Tar Heel Citizen Times is a monthly newsletter that provides helpful hints, reminders about Town and University regulations, and tips for being a good neighbor to students who are living in residential neighborhoods. The newsletter is read by approximately 3,000 students monthly.


Last Updated

November 9, 2017





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