Develop a Holistic Mobility Plan

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getting_aroundCouncil Goal

Develop a holistic mobility plan that:

  • Connects all transportation related plans, including the bike, greenways, transit system, roads and pedestrian plans and facilities
  • Sets priorities for both public and private investment
  • Reduces traffic conflicts and congestion
  • Meets the tests of feasible and consistent with complete streets policy

Goal Champion

Bergen Watterson, Transportation Planning Manager 


Chapel Hill Mobility & Connectivity Plan

Current Status

The Chapel Hill Mobility and Connectivity Plan was adopted by Town Council on October 25, 2017 as a component of the Chapel Hill 2020 Comprehensive Plan. Town staff is currently developing an implementation strategy to fund and schedule projects recommended in the Plan. The Town is also engaging in a complimentary effort to make stronger open space, greenway, and bike/ped connections town-wide. 

Last Updated

November 2017



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