Continue focus on Rogers Road area planning and development

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Council Goal

Continue focus on Rogers Road area planning and development:

  • Approve plan for funding Chapel Hill share of Rogers Road Sewer in partnership with Carrboro and Orange County
  •  Continue “community‐first planning” for the Greene Tract and surrounding community with ownership and community partners 

Goal Champion

Judy Johnson, Principal Planner


Current Status

Sewer construction is underway! Easements are being cleared and pipe is being laid. A community meeting was held with residents to discuss connecting resident's homes to the sewer lines and future planning process for the area.

Construction is anticipated to take approximately 12 months.

Last Updated

 November 7, 2017

Funding: Cost sharing interlocal agreement authorized by Orange County, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro - December 6, 2016.

Upcoming schedule:

  • Request for Qualifications January 25, 2017 (Applications for bidder prequalification for purpose of obtaining a qualified contractor for the Rogers Road sewer project) 
  • Construction Bid to be advertised March/April 2017 
  • Expected Construction Contract award (by Orange County) expected late Spring  
  • Anticipated construction of sewer system to begin in Summer 2017 
  • Anticipated construction timeline of 12-18 months with completion in late 2018.

Planning: Community-first planning efforts are beginning for Greene Tract and Rogers Road community with other jurisdictions and community partners.




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