Adopt strategy for leveraging community fiber

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Council Goal

Adopt strategy for leveraging community fiber and private ISP investment with UNC, UNC Health Care, Carrboro and local businesses to maximize access and speed for homes and businesses

Goal Champion

Scott Clark, Executive Director for Technology


Current Status

Under the NCNGN agreement, AT&T connected 8 of 13 public housing locations with plans for most the remaining sites. Combined with community programs from Spectrum Cable, this provides low cost and free service to residents.

 The Town of Chapel Hill, UNC, The Town of Carrboro and MCNC continue to increase the use of shared dark fiber and interconnection locations for sharing other network resources.  This creates a more robust and resilient network supporting the Towns and the University as well as the residents served.  When installing fiber extra capacity is included.  This extra capacity can be shared as dark fiber – fiber that is not connected to the Town network, but runs to interconnections locations.  This sharing and swapping of fiber reduces the overall construction costs, reduces the number of times neighborhoods are impacted during construction.

Recent projects include the connection to the Fireplace Public Outreach Center at Meadowmont and the emergency operations center at UNC.  Both projects required only the last few feet of construction rather than miles of boring.

The sharing of dark fiber between the Town and the CHCCS schools is starting.  The CHCCS are connecting to Town dark fiber at the Estes Hill Elementary, Phillips Middle and Northside Elementary Schools.  This will provide a path for those schools to reach Internet that provide significantly higher bandwidths and at a reduced cost.

Computer upgrades were completed in the S. Estes Community Center and the Hargraves Community Center providing better computers and utilization of the gigabit connections from AT&T.

 Last Updated

 November 2017





Bringing Internet to Public Housing Residents (July 15, 2015) 

Free Internet Service and Computers Announced for Public Housing Residents (May 8, 2015)

AT&T and Town of Chapel Hill Reach Agreement to Deploy Up to 1 Gigabit Network (June 24, 2014)

Many in North Carolina Closer to Up to 1 Gigabit Network Speeds Delivered by AT&T (April 10, 2014)


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