Adopt and Support Affordable Housing Programs

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a_place_for_everyoneCouncil Goal

Adopt and support affordable housing programs, projects and policies that increase our diversity in income, race, age and lifestyle

Goal Champion

Loryn Clark, Housing and Community Executive Director


Current Status

We continue to focus on implementation of our affordable housing strategies and plans, as outlined in our major projects work plan.  Most notably, our current areas of focus include:

  • Developing an Affordable Housing Quarterly Report, highlighting our progress on affordable housing projects.
  • Developing a plan to implement Rosen Comprehensive Affordable Housing Study
  • Developing a Public Housing Master Plan
  • Exploring options for Town employee housing incentives
  • Implementing the expanded scope of the HOME Consortium, now called the Local Government Affordable Housing Collaborative
  • Pursuing development opportunities for affordable housing on 2200 Homestead Road and other Town owned properties. 
  • Managing the Town's affordable housing funding programs: CDBG, Affordable Housing Fund, the Affordable Housing Development Reserve, and the Rental and Utility Assistance Program
  • Serving as an active participant in the Orange County Affordable Housing Coalition, a county-wide collaborative of affordable housing providers and representatives of local governments

Last Updated

November 9, 2017


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Affordable Housing Work Plan FY18-20

Community Connections Work Plan FY18-20 


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