2016-2018 Council Goals

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The Town Council’s Goals for 2016-2018 fiscal years guide the development of the Town Budget, and allocation of resources and staff time. Click on a goal to access its status update. Council Goals were adopted on April 11, 2016. They are organized around the achieving the vision of Chapel Hill 2020, the Community Plan adopted on June 25, 2012. We are busy preparing these updates and appreciate your patience. Thank you! Access the 2014-2016 Council Goals Status Report.

Download the Council Goals Poster.

ICON A Place for Everyone

  Create a Place for Everyone

__ Adopt and support affordable housing programs
__ Increase internet access
__ Leverage partnerships to increase cultural arts


ICON Community Prosperity and Engagement

  Support Community Prosperity

X Increase the number of incubator and co‐working spaces

Focus resources to achieve economic development goals

__ Develop a strategy for creating vocational classes



ICON Getting Around  

  Facilitate Getting Around

__ Adopt a plan for financial sustainability for public transit
__ Conduct a town‐wide comprehensive traffic analysis

Develop a holistic mobility plan


ICON Good Places New Spaces  

   Develop Good Places, New Spaces

__ Sustain momentum in the Northside Neighborhood Initiative

Continue focus on Rogers Road area planning and development

__ Strategically invest in Downtown
__ Initiate planning, funding and design for creative arts
__ Increased energy efficiency in local development


ICON Nurturing Our Community

  Nurture Our Community


Enhance and focus development review process

X Define and support clear, predictable code enforcement strategies
X Initiate a residents’ academy to improve civic understanding of how to share ideas and influence outcomes of Town government and increase diversity on the Towns boards and commission

Enhance future Town services


ICON Town and Gown

  Grow Town, UNC and UNC Healthcare Collaboration

X Adopt strategy for leveraging community fiber
X Seek strategies to address student housing demand
X Work collaboratively with the university and their master planning process

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