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Fee Schedule: Permits/Inspections

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Permit Fees

  • The following schedule of permit fees is applicable to the Chapel Hill zoning jurisdiction.
  • Building permit fees are based on the cost of construction.
  • For all permits, the General Contractor of record is responsible for paying all permit fees.
  • All fees shall be paid in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy and final power.


Publically Assisted Housing Units

  • The Town agrees to waive certain development-related fees related only for the affordable units for projects that provide permanently affordable homeownership opportunities or provide rental housing that remains affordable for at least 20 years.  Affordable is defined as being sold or rented to households earning less than 120% of the Area Median Income as determined and approved by the Town. In this case, otherwise applicable Town application fees, building permit fees, plan review fees, inspection fees, and such other development fees and costs which would otherwise be due shall be waived for the affordable dwelling units identified in the application. To qualify for the waiver for rental development, applicants and Town staff must agree on how affordability will be maintained for a 20-year period and an agreement may be required. 
  • If application fees are paid for a proposed development that subsequently converts existing approved market rate units to affordable dwelling units in the development plan, a pro rata refund of any such fees that have already been paid shall be provided to the applicant upon approval of the development to reflect the conversion to affordable units. The refunded amount will be determined by the percentage of the affordable units within the development.  In addition, any existing development that receives approval to construct new affordable units may have the fees waived for the new affordable units.  This refund or waiver does not apply to any market rate units, or to any fees associated with water, wastewater, or stormwater.
  • Fees are also waived for service projects by non-profits, for a non-profit organization. 

Re-Inspection Fees

  • All additional inspections made necessary due to failure to comply with applicable code requirements shall be hereby designated as "re-inspections" and carry a re-inspection fee of $60 each for every permit type listed in this fee schedule.  Note: Any disputes must be received within 3 business days of the rejection for consideration.


  • Sub-permits are ineligible for refunds.
  • Active residential building permits may receive refunds of the permit cost (minus the non-refundable administrative review fee) after permit issuance provided no inspections have occurred and all original paperwork is returned to the Building Division.
  • The minimum charge for processing residential permit refunds is $75.00
  • Active commercial permits may receive refunds of the permit cost (minus the non-refundable administrative review fee and any plan review fees) after permit issuance provided no inspections have occurred and all original paperwork is returned to the Building Division.
  • The minimum charge for processing commercial permit refunds is $100.00
  • No refunds will be issued beyond six months from the date of permit issuance for any permit.    

After-The-Fact Work without Permits

  • If any person commences any work on a building or service system before FIRST obtaining the required permit(s), that person shall be subject to DOUBLE permit fees unless the Manager or his/her designee finds mitigating circumstances.  See current policy for more details about this process.

Orange County School Impact Fees

  • Orange County School Impact Fees are no longer assessed effective June 20, 2017 due to repeal of statutory authorization.

Orange County Recyclable Materials Fee

  •  As of July 1, 2008, an 8% Orange County recyclable materials fee shall be charged on all permits issued in Orange County. The 8% will be based on total permit fees.


Administrative Review Fee
This is an upfront non-refundable fee, due at the time of submission, that will be charged on all permits, but applied towards final permit fees due and is based upon the project's construction cost.

Construction Cost Fee
Up to $20,000 $50
$20,001 - $50,000 $100
$50,001 - $500,000 $500
In excess of $500,001




project Construction Cost Fee
Up to $5,000 $55
$5,001 - $20,000 $100
$20,001 - $50,000 $10 per $1,000
$50,001 - $500,000 Base fee of $500 plus $4.50/$1,000 over $50,001
In excess of $500,001 Base fee of $2,500 plus $3.50/$1,000 over $500,001


 Miscellaneous Building

 Type of work Fee
Signs $50 for each sign plus trade fees
Mobile Homes $250 including trade fees
Construction Trailers $150 including trade fees
Insulation $60 per dwelling unit OR proposed # of inspections
Accessory structures, screen porches, roofs, pergolas, (un)covered decks, uncovered decks, swimming pools Cost of Construction plus trade fees
 Permit Reactivation (See current policy for details)  
  Residential $75 
  Commercial $100



 Type of work Within Town Limits Outside Town Limits

Single Panel (regardless of size)

This fee will cover the addition, alteration, or changes to any new or existing single panel or its components

$115 $200
Read in / Read out (per inspection) $100 $100



Type of work Within Town Limits Outside Town Limits
All interconnected appliances, equipment or connections (each); ductwork, etc (minimum charge) $35 $65
Heat Pump / Gas Pack $70 $135
Geothermal (each system) $70 $135
Hood System (per inspection/permit) $100 $100
Commercial appliances (each - boilers, chillers, exhaust fans, heat towers, VAV boxes, condensers, ductwork, etc) $70 $100



Type of work Within Town Limits Outside Town Limits
Per Fixture (in excess of five fixtures) $10 $15

Minimum Charge*

$50 $55
Sewer/Water Connection , Irrigation System $50 $55
Grease Trap / Oil Interceptor $60 $65
Piping (whole house piping)*




*For multiple dwelling units, this fee is charged per dwelling unit



Additional Services

type of work / service Fee
Change of Contractor / Info (applies each time a contractor or information is changed after permit application submission) $110
Business Occupancy (applies to new or relocation of any occupancy type related to a commercial business except child / daycare) $180
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (applies to each TCO issued per permit with a 30 day maximum time period)

$80 (Residential)

$100 (Commercial)

Occupancy Reposting (new or existing without active building permits) $80
Day Care Facilities Inspection (applies to any child-care facility) $285
Food Truck/TrailerVendor - Code Administration Fee $200 / year
Semi-Annual Electrical School Inspections (one hour increments only, due at time of inspection request) $100/hour
Demolition Permit (per structure) $150
Antenna / Tower / Utility / Cellular / Solar (includes fees for all work related to Building, Electrical, and Plan Review) $350
Stocking Permit $100
Sidewalk Dining $100
Sidewalk Dining Annual review and permit renewal $50
Homeowner's Recovery Fund (State mandated fee for all residential permits with an associated licensed General Contractor) $10
Temporary Power (per permit) $100
ABC Inspection $50
ORIAS (After-hour / Weekend Service Request - upfront payment for minimum of 2 hours per request) $85 / hour
Permit Conferences Series with Staff - Large Projects Only (up front payment required) $6,000
Records Research request, charged at 1 hour minimum $60/hour + copy fees for hard copies
Copy fees As set by Council townwide
Walkthrough Inspection** $60 per inspection/type

**This inspection applies to permitted work only and can only be done when initiated or approved by Town Supervisory or Management Staff.

Commercial Plan Review

Project size Fee

Up to 4,000 square feet

4,000 - 15,000 square feet

15,001 - 40,000 square feet

In excess of 40,001 square feet

4,000 - 15,000 square feet $185
15,001 - 40,000 square feet $590
40,001 square feet and greater $1,420
Resubmission Review Fee, charged at 1 hour minimum (on initial permit review, permit fees cover the first resubmission) Additional $100 per hour


Building Valuation Data Table
(For the current Building Valuation Data table, see

For Use in Determining Minimum Total Valuation for Building Permit Fee Calculations

The BVD table provides the “average” construction costs per square foot, which can be used in determining permit fees for a jurisdiction. Permit fee schedules are addressed in Section 109.2 of the most current International Building Code (IBC) whereas Section 109.3 addresses building permit valuations. The permit fees can be established by using the BVD table and a Permit Fee Multiplier, which is based on the total construction
value within the jurisdiction for the past year. The Square Foot Construction Cost table presents factors that reflect relative value of one construction classification/occupancy group to another so that more expensive construction is assessed greater permit fees than less expensive construction. 

The BVD is not intended to apply to alterations or repairs to existing buildings. Because the scope of alterations or repairs to an existing building varies so greatly, the Square Foot Construction Costs Table does not reflect accurate values for that purpose. However, the Square Foot Construction Costs Table can be used to determine the cost of an addition that is basically a stand-alone building which happens to be attached to an existing building. In the case of such additions, the only alterations to the existing building would involve the attachment of the addition to the existing building and the openings between the addition and the existing building.

Determination of Total Valuation. For purposes of determining fees, total valuation shall be either the actual contract price or an applicable amount based on the total square footage of the structure to be built, multiplied by the square foot cost data prescribed on the attached Building Valuation Data Table which is a part of this fee schedule, whichever is greater.

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