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2016-2017 Budget Development

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Your Feedback Welcome

Chapel Hill residents may also make comments to the Mayor and Council by letter, fax, or e-mail at any time in the budget process.

Mail: Town Hall
405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Fax: 919-969-2063

Budget Meetings | Reports Made to Date | Budget Questions

Development of FY2016-2017 Budget

Through the Town's annual budget process, the Town Council makes decisions on the level and types of services provided to residents with local, State and federal funds.

Adoption of a budget determines in many respects the level of resources to be available for Town services over the coming budget year. The budget process is one of the most important functions and responsibilities of the Council, and it is also a key opportunity for residents’ participation in Town government.

The Town's 2020 Comprehensive Plan will help guide the development of this and future budgets.

Budget Meetings


February 22

Council Business Meeting

March 21

Council Public Forum (Work Session on Budget Development)

May 9

Manager's Recommended Budget

May 11
Budget Work Session

May 16

Public Hearing on Recommended Budget and Budget Work Session

June 1

Budget Work Session (if needed)

June 6

Budget Work Session (canceled)

June 13

Adoption of 2016-17 Budget

Reports Made to Date


Budget Questions

(also available in PDF here.)

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • 1. How can I obtain copies of Council/Mayor E-mails?

  • 2. How can I obtain a copy of Council minutes, agendas, or videos?

  • 3. How can I get a copy of a divorce decree?

  • 4. How do I obtain a copy of a police record, police incident report, or vehicle accident report?

  • 5. How can I get a copy of a criminal background check?

  • 6. How can I get a copy of a birth certificate?

  • 7. How do I find a copy of a Certificate of Occupancy?

  • 8. Where can I view the Town budget?

  • 9. How do I obtain a copy of a permit?

  • 1. My child cannot attend camp. How do I cancel?

  • 2. Will I get a refund if I cancel my child from a camp session?

  • 1. What should I do if my child will miss a day of camp?

  • 2. What should I do if my child cannot attend an entire camp session?

  • 3. Will I get a refund if I cancel my child from a camp session

  • 4. What should I do if my child will be attending summer school?

  • 1. My child may need special support during camp. How do I request that?

  • 2. My child has A.D.D., can you provide inclusion support?

  • 1. What is a fee reduction and how do I apply for one?

  • 2. What is the minimum payment due for camp?

  • 3. When is my balance due?

  • 4. What should I do if I cannot pay my balance?

  • 1. How do I register my child for summer camp?

  • 2. My child is on the wait list. How does that work?

  • 1. My child takes medication during the day, what should I do?

  • 2. My child takes over the counter medication periodically. What do I do?

  • 1. What should my child bring to camp each day?

  • Chapel Hill Youth Council

  • Teen Program Event Support

  • Athletics Coaches

  • Special Events Support - Hargraves Center

  • After School Volunteer

  • Adapted Friday Fun Night Asistant

  • Adapted Recreation Event Assistant

  • Adapted Aquatics Volunteer

  • Special Olympics Activity Coach

  • Special Olympics Events Volunteer

  • Swim Instructor Assistant

  • Swim Coach Assistant

  • Adventure Programs

  • 1. What has the Town expended for “consultants” for FY15 and FY16?

  • 2. How does the Town of Chapel Hill’s rate of increase for property taxes compare to surrounding communities?

  • 3. What's the Rosen Study, referred to on page xix of the budget packet?

  • 4. Is additional departmental detail available for the Manager’s Recommended Budget?

  • 5. What are the proposed changes to fees in the FY17 Manager’s Recommended Budget?

  • 6. What agencies are currently funded through the Human Service Agency performance agreement funding?

  • 7. The direct allocation from the “penny” seems to have been reduced by about $60,000. To what is that attributed?

  • 8. What is the total amount that we are spending on economic development activities and what specific activities/programs are the funds being used for?

  • 9. Many problems we experience due to snow in Chapel Hill are due to regional snow removal problems – teachers and bus drivers who live elsewhere being unable to get to Chapel Hill. Is the Town working with NCDOT and neighboring jurisdictions to take a more comprehensive approach to this problem?

  • 10. Is self-insurance something that the Town might wish to explore to better control costs?

  • 11. In the recommended budget, there are cost savings between the revised 2015-16 budget ($8.1 million) and the estimated 2015-16 budget ($1.8). Can you give us the highlights of what those savings are?

  • 12. There is a significant decline in revenues associated with other revenues/cemetery that is attributed to a decline in the availability of cemetery plots for sale. As the decline in plots affects both the Town’s revenues and the residents’ satisfaction with the Town, what steps are we taking to address this issue?

  • 13. The Town is using approximately $934,000 from the State Maintenance Assistance Program (SMAP) received in 2015-16 in order to offset the budget for the upcoming year. Given our longer-term needs, might it not be better to put all or some of this money into reserves?

  • 14. In Planning & Sustainability, there was an increase in staffing from 15.75 to 35.65 FTEs from 2014 to 2015. At the same time, there was a decrease of 12 FTEs in inspections. I assume that these were transferred to Planning. That still leaves a true increase of about 8 FTEs. What were these positions for?

  • 15. In Housing & Community, there was an increase in staffing from 16 to 22.2 FTEs from 2014 to 2015. What were these positions for?

  • 16. Is there a possibility of re-instating the Community Center pool hours M-W-F from 10:30am to 4:00pm.?

  • A tree has fallen on a state road and there is damage or an obstruction that might pose a hazard to motorists.

  • A tree has fallen on a town maintained road or sidewalk.

  • Who do I contact if a tree has fallen and is blocking a trail?

  • What time of year does mowing occur?

  • Who is responsible for my vehicle if it is damaged by your mowing equipment while passing by?

  • The Arborist staff is performing work in my neighborhood. How can I find out what work is being performed as well as speaking with someone about an issue?

  • Who do I call if a tree has fallen on town property and is causing a hazard?

  • What months of the year is mowing performed?

  • Who do I contact when a security light in the park has blown out?

  • What should I do if my neighbor’s vegetation is creating an unsafe driving condition?

  • Why are the park bathrooms at Ephesus, North Forest Hills closed?

  • I am worried about a tree falling onto my property, but it is not mine. What should I do?

  • Who can I contact about the lights in the park bathrooms being without power?

  • Who is responsible for damages to my vehicle that occurred while passing town staff or a contractor mowing?

  • How can one find out if a tree is on private property or property that the town is responsible for?

  • May I spray the roadside with herbicides?

  • Why are the gates locked to the ballfields?

  • 3. Do you work with the trees on resident’s properties?

  • Do you work with the trees on resident’s properties?

  • Does the town perform and tree work on a resident’s private property?

  • Is tree trimming done when roadsides are mowed?

  • My dog loves running through the cemetery for exercise.

  • Why are the athletic fields closed during the off season?

  • Can I sell the Chapel Hill Memorial plot I had purchased to a friend or family member?

  • How can our neighborhood group or organization have a representative from the Town come and discuss a tree related issue?

  • My property line is alongside the road, am I allowed to perform extra mowing and pick up trash along my property?

  • My property line is alongside the road, can I do extra mowing and pick up trash along my property?

  • Our neighborhood or specific group/organization would like to have someone discuss Town tree related issues.

  • What trees are the town responsible for?

  • Who do I contact to have ice or snow removed from the downtown sidewalk?

  • Who do I contact to have mud removed from the Greenway?

  • 1. When can I register my child for Read to Achieve Afternoon Camp?

  • Are there any plans for improvements to be made at my local neighborhood park?

  • Are there any plots currently available for purchase at town owned cemeteries?

  • How often are the town’s rights of ways / roadsides mowed?

  • May I plant flowers in the park?

  • What are the job functions of the employees who work downtown?

  • What are the operational hours of the Park Maintenance Division?

  • Who can I contact if I would like to pass along a compliment or speak with someone about an issue?

  • Who can I contact if I would like to pass along a compliment or speak with someone about an issue?

  • Can a stream on a neighbor's property create an RCD on my property?

  • Can I fill in a ditch, or pipe a small stream?

  • Can my surveyor do the stream determination?

  • Can the Town assist me with a problem concerning a stormwater drainage easement next to my property?

  • Can the Town determine the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) for my area?

  • Can you do a stream determination on my neighbor's property? Or can you do one for a piece of property I'm interested in buying?

  • Do you have a database of streams?

  • Does the Town have digital maps or a database of floodplain locations?

  • Historic District Commission

  • Home Occupation

  • How do I determine whether there is an RCD on my property?

  • How do I request a stream determination?

  • How do I sign up for the Drainage Assistance Program?

  • How do you determine the flow or type of stream?

  • How does the stormwater management program benefit taxpayers, homeowners, and other community members?

  • How does the Town decide which drainage assistance projects to undertake?

  • How is the boundary of a Resource Conservation District determined?

  • How long will I have to wait for a stream determination?

  • How much does this stream determination cost?

  • I live on top of a hill, and I don't ever have any drainage problems. Why would I have to pay for stormwater management services?

  • Is there any cooperation with universities, state agencies, local governments, or other groups to address stormwater issues?

  • My neighbor's stormwater runoff floods my yard! Can you intervene for us?

  • My property lies wholly or partly within an RCD or regulatory floodplain. What can I build? What are the requirements for building there?

  • Nearby stream levels are higher than ever after a rainfall. Can the Town dredge or clear them out so they'll drain faster?

  • Overnight Lodging

  • Sample

  • Tourist Home

  • What can I build in the RCD?

  • What is a drainage easement?

  • What is a Reserved Storm Drainageway Easement?

  • What is a Resource Conservation District (RCD)?

  • What is a stormwater utility?

  • What is a stream determination?

  • What is an impervious surface?

  • What is stormwater and why do we manage it?

  • What is the Base Flood Elevation (BFE)?

  • What is the Drainage Assistance Program?

  • What kinds of streams and waterbodies contribute to an RCD?

  • What public oversight or public involvement does this utility have?

  • What state and federal requirements does the Town have to meet with regard to water resource issues?

  • What will the Town do if stormwater is ponding on a road or if a nearby culvert is clogged? What if the stormwater from public streets or rights-of-way are contributing to a drainage problem on my property?

  • Who maintains stormwater management features and facilities?

  • Why are gravel roads and gravel parking lots considered to be impervious?

  • Will the Town address drainage problems in my yard or neighborhood?

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