What We Hear From People Who Bike and Walk

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About the WikiMap

The Town of Chapel Hill's WikiMap is closed. If you have any questions about it, please email info@townofchapelhill.org.

This innovative project to receive public input on cycling and pedestrian safety launched in November 2014 with Town staff from Planning & Sustainability and Communications & Public Affairs working together with Steve Spindler of WikiMapping. The online tool allows users to post comments directly to a map to share their experiences cycling and walking around Chapel Hill. They are able to identify problem areas, routes they would like to ride, and request additional bike parking. Concerns are responded to by Town staff. The comments and suggestions are reported out on this webpage, and will be taken into consideration for Town infrastructure planning.

Taking Action to Make it Safer for People Who Bike and Walk

  • Chapel Hill residents place a high value on making their community safer for people who walk and bike. In the November 2015 election, Chapel Hill voters approved a bond referendum that includes $16.2 million for streets and sidewalks. These funds will target projects that address bicycle and pedestrian safety, sidewalks, streets and bridges, and Downtown Streetscape. Many of the priorities are identified in the Chapel Hill Bike Plan.
  • Chapel Hill police officers each month go to different areas of town – especially around crosswalks -- to reach out directly to people who walk, bike or drive. People receive helpful information, warnings, and in some cases, tickets for violations. Officers may issue warnings or citations for anyone -- people who are driving, walking or biking – for violating safety rules. Fines and court costs for these violations begin at $213.
  • The Council approved funding to develop a Chapel Hill Mobility and Connectivity Plan in November 2015. The plan will include the traditional elements of a pedestrian plan in coordination with the Town’s adopted Greenways Plan and Chapel Hill Bike Plan to create a comprehensive and coordinated approach to mobility and connections in Chapel Hill. The $132,000 plan is funded by Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization ($105,600) and Town funds ($26,400).

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