Town Logo and Seal

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Town Seal History 

The Town logo depicting the goddess Athena is also the Town seal. Adopted by the Town Council in 2005, the design has been in use since the 1930s.  

Perhaps it was the wisdom of an earlier age, steeped in the classics, that led early town leaders to pick the Goddess of Wisdom to symbolize Chapel Hill. Athena remains a symbol of civilization, useful knowledge, noble reasoning, logic and wisdom. And she is mentioned often as a civic god. Recognized as a unique college community shaped by youth, intellect and idealism, Chapel Hill likened itself to the Acropolis hill in Athens.

The logo is registered as a trademark. It cannot be used by any individual or organization without the expressed written consent of the Town Manager. The Town logo/seal may be used in conjunction with events that the Town is sponsoring or co-sponsoring. It may not be used at events that merely are held on Town property or that are produced by outside organizations. For more information, please contact the Communications and Public Affairs Department at or 919-968-2743.

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