Mayor's Staff

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Mayoral Aide

Contact Information


Jeanne Brown, Mayoral Aide
Town Hall, 2nd Floor
405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Phone: 919-968-2714
Fax: 919-969-2063


The Mayoral Aide assists the Mayor in formulating and implementing policies, programs and projects.  The Aide is the Mayor’s liaison to residents, elected officials, local businesses, community groups and organizations, and federal and state agencies. The Aide analyzes policy issues before the Council and drafts memoranda for the Council's consideration.  The Aide manages the day to day operations of the Mayor's Office.   The aide interfaces with the press and may act as a spokesperson during the Mayor's absence. 


Mayoral Intern

Contact Information


The Mayoral Intern provides project oriented support and general administrative support to the Mayor's Office.


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