Council Procedures Manual

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Table of Contents

I. Meetings

A. Definitions
B. Agenda of Council Meetings
C. Meeting Procedures
D. Action by the Council
E. Voting
F. Public Hearings and Public Forums
G. Record of Council Action

II. Committees

A. Council Committees
B. Citizen Task Forces
C. Committees to which Council Members are Appointed
D. Council-Appointed Boards and Commissions
E. Council Liaison to Boards and Commissions
F. Appointment Procedures

III. General Policies and Procedures

The following guidelines concern Council members’ attendance at professional meetings and the policy regarding materials and services available to the Council. They are established to facilitate consistent municipal operations.

A. Professional Meetings
B. Services and Materials Available to the Council
C. Procedure for Evaluation of Town Manager and Town Attorney
D. Naming Public Facilities
E. Council-Adopted Policies and Procedures

IV. Open Meetings Law of North Carolina

Open Meetings and Local Governments in North Carolina
Appendix A
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