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Scheduled Public Hearings

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This webpage lists public hearings that are scheduled for a specific Council meeting date, although periodically, some may be continued to a future date. Public hearings may relate to the Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO), Residential or Commercial Development, Budget, Transportation, or Housing issues. Meeting materials are posted at Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Videos.

Interested in a development project not yet scheduled for Council review? See the Development Activity Report for the project's current status.

March 25

  • Public Forum: Housing and Community Development Needs for 2020 2025 Orange County HOME Consortium Consolidated Plan and Use of 2020 2021 Community Development Block Grant Funds
  • Open the Public Hearing for the Code of Ordinances Text Amendment to Chapter 11A and Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendment to Section 5.9 Pertaining to Off-Street Parking and Payment-in-Lieu Policy
  • Update and Call a Public Hearing for a Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendments Regarding Short Term Rental Regulations Related to Sections 3, 4, and 6, and Appendix A of the Land Use Management Ordinances on April 22, 2020.
  • Consider Options and Provide Feedback on Proposed Designs for the West Franklin Street Lane Reallocation.
  • Blue Hill Semiannual Report #11.
  • Concept Plan Review: Aura Chapel Hill, 1000 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

April 1

  • Open the Public Hearing and Consider a Request to Close a Portion of an Unmaintained and Unimproved Public Right-of-Way on Monroe Street

April 22

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