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  • Strategic and Financial Study- The overall objective of the Strategic and Financial Plan is for Chapel Hill Transit (CHT) to develop a strategic plan to guide future system growth, development and investment. Doing this requires taking stock of existing resources, articulating agency strengths and weaknesses and considering the how CHT has grown and succeeded as well as ways that the agency has been less successful. Developing a strategic plan also involves evaluating different opportunities for positioning the agency for future growth and development, including different options for investment.
  • Short Range Transit Plan- The Short Range Transit Plan will look at funding opportunities, integration of BRT, and longer-term strategic issues such as light rail integration and ongoing regional coordination. Ultimately, the Short Range Transit Plan will provide an implementable approach to guide transit service in Chapel Hill and Carrboro for the next 10 years and beyond.
  • North South Corridor Study ( - Chapel Hill Transit is conducting the North-South Corridor Alternatives Analysis, “North-South corridor Study” for short, to evaluate the best methods for moving more residents and commuters along the Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and 15-501 South corridor. An AA is a detailed study of all reasonable transportation alternatives within a corridor that addresses identified transportation problems. The study area runs from UNC North Campus (a northern terminus) and the Southern Village (the southern terminus) and points in between.
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