Town Manager's Office

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Town Manager's Office Mission Statement

Respectful, responsible, sustainable and strategic leadership.



The Town Manager serves at the pleasure of the Town Council.

The primary responsibility of the Town Manager’s Office is to assure that the laws of the State and the ordinances, resolutions, policies and regulations, of the Council are faithfully executed. 

The Town Manager’s Office is responsible for the overall management of Town services under the direction of the Mayor and Council, and for various support services to the Mayor and Council. In accord with policy direction by the Council, the Manager’s Office directs, coordinates, and evaluates the performance of Town services; and provides staff support to the Council. Duties of the Town Manager’s Office include:

  • Attendance at all meetings of the Town Council and recommendations for adoption of such measures as shall be deemed expedient.
  • Preparation of reports to Council from time to time on the affairs of the Town, and ensuring that the Council is fully advised of the Town’s financial condition and its future financial needs.
  • Budget and capital improvements program recommendations in accordance with the schedule adopted by the Town Council.
  • Comprehensive and clear staff reports on all items placed on the Council’s agenda.
  • Supervision of all work of department heads, officers and employees of the Town, as administrative head of the Town.

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