Policies Revision Project

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The Policy Project Team will review and revise all Town policies by December 31, 2017, establish a structure for ongoing maintenance of policies by January 1, 2018, and provide policies in an accessible location to employees throughout the project and after.



The Policy Project Team will work to inventory all policies, and identify policies that are in need of revision. There are different policy instruments that govern Town-wide employee behavior – the Chapel Hill Code of Ordinances (including the Personnel Ordinance), applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations; department and division-specific policies; and Town Manager Policy and Procedures.

  • Where can I access Town of Chapel Hill Policies and Procedures including those that are being considered for possible revision?
    They are available at www.townofchapelhill.org/policies

  • Who approves Town policies and procedures?
    Policies and procedures are ultimately approved by the Town Manager.

  • What are policies and procedures?
    Policies are statements of overall philosophy and direction, describing goals to be accomplished and programs to be established. Procedures are specific and detailed statements of the means and methods by which management implements a policy.

Example: Employee Performance Management and Development System Policy (September 1, 2013\



“The Town of Chapel Hill values providing excellent service to all who live, work, and visit Chapel Hill. The Town recognizes that excellent service emanates from excellent employees. The Employee Performance Management and Development System (EPMDS) is a continuous communication strategy that assists our workforce in achieving desired behaviors and results through the execution of clearly defined performance expectations, two-way communication between the employee and their supervisor, and ongoing professional development opportunities.”


The procedures include guidance on the five components of performance management including planning, communication, coaching, evaluations, and training and development. It also includes a timeline, guidance for ratings and detailed information about procedures for employees and supervisors.

  • Why do we need policies and procedures?
    We need policies to standardize directives on issues that apply to departments and divisions of the Town.  We recognize that it is not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise in the workplace or to provide information that answers every possible question. Rules, practices and procedures change from time to time due to circumstances. Some policies have broad application to all Town employees while others are very limited in nature and would apply only to specific employees in specific situations.
  • Why is the Policy Project Team reviewing policies for possible revision?
    To be consistent in our Town core values and to fulfill a commitment to employees by providing updated and clearly understood policies which are easily accessible to all.  The Town also recognizes that a regular review of policies and procedures helps to standardize practices, provides a framework in which decision can be made and implemented while improving the quality of our services.

  • What are the goals of the project?
    We want to policies to be clear, helpful, and easy to locate and understand. Our goal is to centralize information so that employees can access policies and procedures in a single location. We intend to put in writing previously unwritten “word of mouth” policies and procedures so as to make them official and minimize errors in carrying them out.
  • How is the Policy Project Team going about this work?
    We are relying on subject matter experts within departments to assist with the policy creation, revision and rescission process. For new policies or ones that require a lot of revision, we will ask employees to share their insights. When changes to previous policies and procedures are approved, information regarding changes will be communicated to all employees.

  • How will employees provide comments on proposed policy revisions?
    We will first announce the list of policies that are being reviewed. We will then share with all employees the proposed revisions and schedule for providing comments and feedback before any policies are finalized. 

  • What happens when the project is completed?
    We will establish a process to review and update policies on a regular basis. We will also establish a system for employees to receive and acknowledge existing policies.
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