Human Resource Development Policies

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The Town of Chapel Hill is currently reviewing and updating all of its Human Resource Development policies.  The most current versions of all policies will be linked on this page.    If you have questions about the Town's HRD  Policies, please contact the Human Resource Development Department at 919-968-2700 or at .


Town of Chapel Hill Human Resource Development Policies

Section 1: Getting started / General Policies

1-1      Policy Development and Review

1-2      On-call  Pay

1-3      Background Check Policy

1-4    Revised Adverse Events Policy--Updated 3-23-2020

NEW:  Policy Guidance for Assigning Work for COVID-19 Condition 1.5

 1-5       Reserved

1-6       Reserved

1-8      Conflicts of Interest

Section 2: Attendance and Leave

2-1      Leave Donation

2-2      Funeral Leave

2-3      Holiday Leave and Holiday Premium--non-public safety employees

2-3.1  Holiday Leave and Holiday Premium--public safety employees

2-4      Civil Leave

2-5      Military Leave

2-6      Sick Leave

2-7      Reserved

2-8      Family and Medical Leave

2-9      Annual Leave

2-10    Workers Compensation

2-11    Parental Leave

2-12    Reserved

2-13    Non-FMLA Medical Leave

2-14    Leave of Absence

2-15    Return to Work

 Section 3: The Personnel System

3-1      Overtime Policy

3-2      Outside and Dual Employment

3-3      Compensatory Time – exempt positions

3-4      Reinstatement and Rehire of Former Employees

3-5      Reserved

Section 4: Salary and Pay System

4-1      Pay Progression Policy

4-2      Probationary Policy   

4-3      Employee Performance Management and Development

4-4      Temporary Employee Compensation

Section 5: Employee Relations

5-0      Serious Incident Policy

5-1.1  Harassment Policy

5-2      Grievance Policy

5-3      Disciplinary Policy

5-4      Dispute Resolution Policy

5-5     Youth Bullying Prevention Policy NEW!!

Section 6: Insurance

6-1      Health Insurance Procedures and Policies

6-2      Retiree Health Insurance Policy

6-3      Reserved

6-4      Reserved

 Section 7: Other Benefits

7-1      Longevity Policy

7-2      Tuition Assistance

7-3      Separation Allowance (Law Enforcement Officers)

 Section 8: Safety, Health, and Wellness

8-1      Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy

         8-1.1   Chapel Hill Transit-DOT-Compliant Drug and Alcohol Policy

         Supervisors Guide for Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

8-2      Workplace Violence Prevention

8-3      Smoking in Town Facilities, Town Vehicles and on Town Grounds

8-4   Workplace Health and Safety

8-5 Security Camera Policy

8-6 Flexible Work Arrangements Policy   NEW!!

Section 9: Leaving Employment

9-1      Reduction in Force/Layoff

Employee Safety

Public Works/Transit Fleet Maintenance Manual

The following documents are policy guidance documents issued by the Town Manager.  They provide procedural guidance for these specific situations.  For more information, please contact Human Resource Development. 

Conflict of Interest Policy Guidance

Serious Incident Policy Guidance

Distracted Driving Policy Guidance

Transfer of Sick Leave Guidance

 Skills Based Pay for Inspectors and Plans Reviewers Guidance

Contact Information

Phone: 919-968-2700
Fax: 919-968-2839

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