West Rosemary Street Development Guide

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The West Rosemary Street Development Guide can be found here.


Downtown borders an important and vital historic community, the Northside Neighborhood. The Town has been examining how to develop a vibrant commercial and economic development corridor along West Rosemary Street that is consistent with the vision statements of the Northside Neighborhood Conservation District and its residents. The resulting document is the West Rosemary Street Development Guide ("Guide"), approved by the Town Council on May 22, 2017. 

The Guide provides guidance for public, private and nonprofit actors to make decisions about this key Downtown corridor. For new development, the primary method of implementation is to be a reference for staff and applicants at relevant times, for relevant projects. The Guide will also provide a foundation for ongoing collaboration between the Town and the Northside community to address economic development and commercial development issues and opportunities, and provide guidance to Town staff, Town advisory boards and commissions, and project applicants on expectations for future growth of the area.  

The Guide begins with a strong value statement of the community’s priorities for the corridor and the desire for innovative development and includes specific “dos” and “don’ts” that summarize the strongest community priorities the area.  

Implementation Projects

The Guide includes an Implementation Plan (link to the Plan only) of specific efforts, initiatives and projects for the Town and its partners. Currently, the following specific efforts are underway:

IMPLEMENTATION STEP Description Page  Status 
Preserve vision of the Neighborhood Conservation District The Guide is being used in development agreement negotiations with Amity Station developers 118  Guide being applied
Draft a Community Benefit Agreement Research and provide resources on Community Benefit Agreements 113  Research complete
Reevaluate residential permit parking Revisit the Town's residential permit parking zones and regulations 113, 124  Community input and development
Provide commercial incentives through grants Collaborating with Orange County Small Business Office to promote and support their Small Business Loan and Grant programs  114  Research

Public Meetings and Input

Public input meetings were held in the 2016 and early 2017 where residents were invited to provide feedback on different Guide ideas and concepts:


For questions or more information regarding this project please contact: Sarah Poulton, Downtown Special Projects Manager, (919) 969-5009

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