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Street Design Experiments

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The Town is experimenting with new ways to envision our streets and YOU can help! We are holding a series of Street Design Workshops where community members can learn about smart street design, Tactical Urbanism, and Lighter Cheaper Quicker methods then get drawing.

The Town sees this as an opportunity to partner with community members and organizations to test new ideas, identify issues, and measure success. Community-led street design is one way we are implementing the vision of the Downtown 2020 Strategy by experimenting with pedestrian and bicycle improvements and exploring ways to activate Downtown open space.

What are Tactical Urbanism and Lighter Cheaper Quicker? 

Tactical Urbanism and Lighter Cheaper Quicker are methods of testing ideas to reimagine the built environment. According to pioneering authors Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia, Tactical Urbanism is an approach to neighborhood building that uses short-term, low-cost, and scalable interventions and policies to catalyze long term change. These are participatory planning tools aimed to engage community members in hands-on design, implementation, and evaluation of temporary projects.

More information on Tactical Urbanism can be found here and Lighter Quicker Cheaper here.


Building a Better Block Project in Kansas City (Photo by: Build a Better Block)

When are design projects happening?

Design Workshops took place in February and April 2018. More can be held upon request.

The first experimented with extending a crosswalk on W. Rosemary Street to the full width of Mitchell Lane with a Tar Heel design as well as planters and other installations on the sidewalks.

180419_Street_Design_Workshop_04 - Kayla and Sarah180419_Street_Design_Workshop_23 - students

Town Staff facilitate the Street Design Workshop: Intersection workshop on April 19, 2018.


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