Downtown Streetscape Improvements

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Construction started the week of June 15 and is expected to take 4 to 6 months.

June 26 Update

Click here for the latest available construction plans.

Click here for the latest available construction schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will either N. Graham St. or N. Roberson St. be closed during construction? Both streets will remain open for vehicle traffic throughout the project though portions of the sidewalk will be closed temporarily as they are worked on.
  2. How will pedestrians be navigated around the construction?  The construction contractor will provide signage to direct pedestrians around the construction areas.  Access to commercial business will be available at all times.
  3. Will you work on both streets at once?  Graham St. will be completed first followed by Roberson St. There may be some minor tasks that can be done on both streets at the same time but they will be minimal.
  4. Will onstreet parking spaces be available during construction? Onstreet parking spaces will be unavailable for most of the time a sidewalk is being constructed to provide room for the construction crew to work. We will minimize disruption to parking. For parking alternatives, visit Note that parking is currently free in Downtown.
  5. Will any businesses have to close because of the construction? No businesses will need to close due to the construction. All front entrances to businesses will be accessible and any back of house access will be maintained as well.
  6. Will there be art elements in the project?  This project is intended to create blank canvas for art to occur!  The Town will work with private property owners on art opportunities.
  7. How long will construction take? Total construction is anticipated to take between 4 and 6 months.  Construction times in front of a property will vary and should last between 2 and 4 weeks.

Project Overview

The Town is working with community stakeholders to improve or create new streetscape along N. Graham St. and N. Roberson St. between Franklin and Rosemary streets. The goal of the project is to increase pedestrian mobility and safety by promoting accessibility, consistency and visibility. improvements include new sidewalks and retaining walls where needed; brick amenity strips with lighting, bike racks, trash and recycling containers, etc.; and new curbs and gutter.

Project Design

The Town discussed the proposed streetscape improvements with property owners and other key stakeholders throughout 2019 and early 2020. Their input was combined with the Town's streetscape design to create a collaborative final design.

A request for bids (RFB) was solicited in April. Click here for bid information, including current drawings.

About Streetscape Projects

Streetscape is designed to enhance the pedestrian experience with sidewalks, crosswalks, lighting, public art and plantings, along with other improvements in the public rights-of-way. Like almost all other Downtown streetscape improvements, this project is bond-funded, specifically through the 2015 Streets and Sidewalks bond.

The current design for the streetscape looks very similar to that recently constructed along W. Rosemary St. while incorporating property owner-requested elements to maintain the character of W. Roberson and W. Graham St. as residential and small business neighborhoods.

See below for a video about the success of the W. Rosemary St. streetscape improvements from 2017:


200115_Streetscape_BF_067 200115_Streetscape_BF_046

200115_Streetscape_BF_047 200115_Streetscape_BF_030

Images of the current state of Graham and Roberson curb space, taken January 2020.

Questions or comments about this project? Call or email Sarah Poulton at 919-969-5009 or

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